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I mpressionist naive art is an art form that combines the color and texture of impressionism with the simplicity and childlike curiosity of naive art. The result is a unique and beautiful style that often conveys a dreamy feel.

Bright, bold colors and rough brushwork create an ethereal atmosphere and an almost surreal feel. Naive impressionist art often has a whimsical, almost dreamlike quality that is created through the use of vibrant colours, detailed lack of realism, and playful brushwork.

Impressionist naïve art can be used to convey emotions, create a dreamlike atmosphere, or simply to create a work of art that is visually pleasing.


Jorge D. Caballero
Jorge D. CaballeroArtist

Since the age of 9, my love for art ignited under my father’s guidance, sket-

ching out the fundamentals of drawing. Growing up in La Linea, Cadiz, with the majestic Rock of Gibraltar and the mesmerizing vistas of Africa outside my win- dow, I delved into crafting my own artistic expressions, exploring diverse styles ran- ging from classical to im- pressionism.

Upon relocating to the USA at 17, I pursued studies in Computer Science while nurturing my enduring pas- sion for art. This foundatio- nal drawing expertise prope- lled me toward proficiency in digital design, post-pro- duction, and CGI within my professional journey.

In the late 1990s, in Myrt-
le Beach, South Carolina, I embarked on a quest to defi – ne my unique artistic identi- ty, drawing inspiration from the masterpieces of Van Gogh and Dalí, alongside the distinctive abstract style of my dear friend, Beatriz Rodriguez.

Now, after 40 years of pain- ting and continuous experi- mentation, I stand confident in claiming ownership of

my distinct artistic style but ,amidst this journey, I found not only my artistic voice but, most importantly, the profound reward of creating art that imbues a touch of happiness into the world.

¨El estudio de Jorge Caballero es algo así como una ventana a un Campo de Gibraltar de ensueño. Un lugar colorido, con sugerentes formas, despojado de lo que molesta a la vista y reforzado con aquello de lo que su gente debe sentirse orgulloso. Esa es la idea de buena parte del arte de este pintor linense¨
Francis Mena, La Calle Real

¨Jorge is a truly impassioned individual. With a keen fondness for Mother Nature, a precise eye for beauty, and a striking ability to recreate local landscapes with wistfulness and his own flair, the La Linea raised artist has successfully injected his own painting style into the local art scene…¨

Nicole Macedo, Gibraltar Magazine

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“ Art is an expression of what lays at the bottom of one’s soul ”