N152 – Italica

The Roman City of Italica, the amphitheater. It was built within the first Roman city in Hispania, Itálica, founded in 206 BC. C. Located near Seville. It was the setting for Game of Thrones (GOT) The Dragonpit. The meeting of the queens. Roman Legacy Series in Andalusia.

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N149 – The Salt Tower

The Salt Tower was called because there was a salt flat next to the tower, which was also used for salt storage. It was mainly part of the Kingdom of Granada’s defence system against the Christians from Algeciras. As of the 16th century, it became part of the official coastal tower system in the kingdom of Castille for surveillance and defence against Berber pirates.

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N148 – The Roman City of Carteia

The Roman City of Carteia, Guadarranque, San Roque 😍 The historical jewel of the bay. A city of great importance in our past. It extended from Palmones to Punta Mala almost in La Linea, with Puente Mayorga being the pottery district. It had a theater as big as the one in Mérida, a Roman circus,... The view is not exactly realistic, I was looking for a composition that had several areas of Carteia in the painting.

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N146 – Baelo Claudia

Baelo Claudia was an ancient Roman town of Hispania, located 22 kilometres outside of Tarifa, near the village of Bolonia, in southern Spain. Another jewel of the Campo de Gibraltar, in the paradise of Bolonia.

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