El Caracol

This sculpture is dedicated to everyone that helps Nature, locally everyone that helps the park recover and specially the the altruistic group of Los Locos del Parque.

El Caracol2021-11-26T12:07:00+01:00

El tumbao – Bar Mural

My older brother opened a new bar called - El Tumbao. He invited me to check it out, once there it was obvious that they wanted me to paint the three walls of the bar for free for him and his partners...[:]

El tumbao – Bar Mural2020-10-02T08:24:52+01:00

The Knighting

The commission was to recreate a knighting ceremony. I wanted to create a scene that grasped the feeling of the middle ages where torches and darkness were comonly present.

The Knighting2020-10-02T08:24:40+01:00

The King’s Arrival

I was commissioned to do two murals one inse and one outside. The One inside is called - The King's Arrival. It portraits the king returning home to his castle. The idea of the city and tower of homenage I got it from Castle of Loarre in Huesca, Aragón, Spain.

The King’s Arrival2020-09-25T14:20:42+01:00

El Mural del Parque

The mural of the park tries to represent the nature that sourrounds La Linea and Gibaltar. The land of the wind, a vivid display of colours.

El Mural del Parque2020-12-04T15:19:42+01:00
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