Bar Mural, La Linea.

Original Size: 3 walls

Original: Altruistic

Paint: Acrylics

Print Copies: No

The story behind the Mural

My  older brother opened a new bar called – El Tumbao. He invited me to check it out, once there it was obvious that they wanted me to paint the three walls of the bar for free for him and his partners.

I wanted to create a blues man that was laying on a bed. The perspective view point was from near his feet so he would not look usual. He was having a whiskey while he was looking at a woman changing clothes. The mirror shows the scene he was looking at. The guitar was suppose to have real strings but I don’t think they ever did this.

The corner had a cat scene, with 4 cats, 2 playing music. In Spain when we say – there are 4 cats – we mean that there is hardly anyone in the place. The final wall was composed by a saxo player. The idea was that they were going to get a saxo and cut it in half and stick it on the wall. Never happened.

I spent a week in that bar, helping on whatever I could… But the bar never went anywhere.

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